TonyBet Introduction

Launched in 2009 by Antanas Gouga, the world renown professional poker player and entrepreneur better known as Tong G, after he acquired and rebranded the Omnibet sportsbook, TonyBet is licensed and regulated in the Baltic nation of Estonia, now a NATO and aspiring EU member.

While TonyBet has seen its ups and downs since launch, as most online bookmakers, it has managed to compile a team of world class professionals to continue to drive its betting shops and UK-focused online sportsbook expansion.

Site design and user interface

For the most part the TonyBet online sportsbook gets straight to the point. Designed in dark greys, a soft orange and white, the overall look and feel of the site was as if you had stumbled upon a train time table out of the Thomas the Tank Engine world, in other words, simple to the point of exquisite, while providing all the information you need to know in a way that even a kid could understand.

In the complicated world of online sportsbooks, we found this complete, straightforward simplicity actually refreshing. You won’t be burning any extra brain cells trying to navigate this site.

On the left side bar punters will find the most common categories presented as clear as day, World Championship, FIFA, E-sports, MLB, Wimbledon and In play. Nothing more, nothing less, as straight forward as it gets.

Beneath that is the sports list, comprising an offer of some 2 sports categories and the number of matches or games you can select from. In line with the site’s, and we hesitate to say this, but almost child friendly design, we got a kick out of seeing martial arts and e-sports as some of the categories.

Centre screen hosts a slider with upcoming matches with an in-play section below and last-minute bets below that. There is a clickable stats bar for each match but admittedly we found this a bit under whelming and would have liked to see more.

The right-side bar, perhaps in keeping with the truly minimalist theme, is left blank save for the bet slip at the top, again a standard industry placement.

Mobile app

Ironically, given the site’s simple look and feel, we liked the mobile app better. This is where the design teams’ penchant for simplicity really seemed to shine.

A simple menu on the upper left was easy to navigate, a top categories slider and live stream and graphical interface options right up front were a welcome sight.

Betting options

With a standard range of betting options on offer, what really made TonyBet standout was its bonus program, which we have to say was certainly impressive. TonyBet offers a 100% welcome bonus on deposits of £200 to all new UK and Gibraltar punters, an exceptional offer by any standards.

Furthermore, TonyBet doesn’t leave its existing customers hanging, doling out a £10 free bet for life if punters bet at least £10 a week at 1.85 odds or over each week, with the free bet available at the beginning of the following week. Not a bad deal at all.


Surprisingly, the directness and simplicity of the TonyBet site, combined with directness of its mobile app and certifiably impressive bonus offer, made TonyBet a real find in our eyes. If you’re looking for a no-frills sportsbook that offers great incentives, competitive odds and sheer ease of use, TonyBet is a winner.