SunBets Sports Introduction

Backed by media conglomerate TheSun and launched with all the fanfare and splash you’ve come to know and love from the tabloid giant in 2016, SunBets exhibits a distinct advantage you’re not likely to find in other players new to the sports betting market, a deep and rich pool of both Irish and UK punters heavily committed to the Sun’s sports pages, well invested in their local markets, and eager to take the world of online sports betting by storm. Enter SunBets.

Site design and user interface

As per the tabloid’s long-standing look and name, SunBets’ site greets users up front with the newspapers standard bright red with a white san serif font with the word Bets in black. The red header bar is clean and surprisingly easy on the eyes, allowing links to the company’s casinos: The Sun Vegas, The Sun Casino and the Sun Live Casino.

Just below you’ll find a pretty industry standard sports selection bar, with today’s racing, World Cup Russia and World Cup Winners, the Sun Six, Sun Boosts, Upcoming and a list of 14 sports to choose from down the slider.

A glance down you’ll find an updated and extremely easy to navigate list of the day’s matches and current odds, with football and tennis topping the list followed by Sun Boosts and the day’s racing.

Game variety was not extensive, SunBets surprised us in not offering more off the beaten track sports bets like surfing or hurling, given it was the Sun, we kind of expected something more, well out spoken. But it seems they are taking their sportsbook quite seriously and have constructed the site and the sports offer to be solid and dignified.

We rather liked the Sun Boosts feature, and the fact that if was displayed both on the homepage and can be clicked through using the top white slider. You get a selection of odd bets at enhanced prices, everything from four different World Cup teams to all score to Mario Mandzukic or Lionel Messi to score first. And these bets weren’t limited to the days football but included the day’s tennis too.

The bet slip can be found on the top left and was completely straightforward, a simple logon using user name and password and you’re ready to go.

Betting options

As we all know, online sportsbooks who focus on a more limited set of sports tend, as a general rule, to be able to offer better odds on those sports thanks to their specialization. With TheSun newspaper having long been completely on top of the worlds of football and horse racing in the UK and Ireland, it comes as no surprise to us that the odds there were well above average in comparison to other bookmakers.

Of course, cricket, golf, boxing, baseball, basketball and rugby are all in SunBets’ repertoire but the odds there we found closer to average.

SunBets in-play betting options were excellent in our opinion, especially their extreme focus on football and horse racing, which offered up chances to place in-play bets even for more obscure and oft harder to find matches, a fact we found appealing.


As a relatively new player on the sports betting market we were solidly impressed with SunBets, the depth and breadth of their offer was excellent. The site was remarkably clean, intuitive and easy to use and their odds were, especially for football and horse racing, superb.