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The openbet software engine runs on bet365, so we headed there straightaway to bet on the tennis. Tennis betting is probably the best way to understand how a betting software engine runs, due to the fast and dynamic nature of odds changes and the returns. We are happy to say that we had an incredibly positive experience with openbet on the bet365 site. We went straight into in-play for tennis matches. We bet on players that had the most odds against them for the biggest returns. The main point of excellence here, we found, is that we could easily place these four bets literally within 15 seconds. The engine was so fluid that as soon as you place a bet, within a couple of seconds it flags up on the right hand side of the screen with the return you can expect.

openbet Receipt

This was in-play betting too, so it was interesting to see just how quickly the software managed the accumulation of bets. We bet different amounts every time, and the software had no problem with managing all our debts and then presenting on the screen. Odds changes and return differences happened quickly, so we were always left in complete control of our betting.

Clicking on ‘my bets’ allowed us to see all our bets displayed, with literally second by second updates on the returns we could expect and most importantly on the cash-out aspect. As the games began to flow and dominance of one player was replaced by dominance of another, the cash-out returns were clearly shown.

openbet betting Slip

We could see all the odds we had against us as bettors, and the betting slip was nicely displayed, with all the important information clear and distinct.

Moving our cursor over any of the bets gave information on the match we were getting on, with odds and returns available to us too.

What made it even better as a piece of software was the ability to instantly add another bet, and see that reflected immediately in the betting slip. Everything is quickly and simply displayed on the screen, there’s no fuss and not too much detail. You are left to just concentrate on getting your bets in, and the live updates you receive.
Everything is clear and good-looking, and you genuinely feel that you’re in on the action.

openbet Dashboard

A smooth and clear interface, alongside very fast updates, makes for an excellent piece of software.

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