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Paddy Power
£20.00 8/10 Mobenga and OpenBet Join here
stan james
Stan James
£10.00 7/10 Mobenga Join here

£25.00 9/10 OpenBet, Kambi, and Mobenga Join here

William Hill
£50.00 9/10, Mobenga, OpenBet, and Sporting Index Join here

Mobenga is a highly respected sport betting engine, and it features on a number of high quality betting sites. We took a look at the Stan James site, and we put the Mobenga software through its paces.

We chose tennis as the sport to bet on, mainly due to the fact that we could get a quick result through the nature of the game and it’s ability to provide bets on both games and sets, not to mention points.

We found that Mobenga was fluid and easily capable of matching the pace of a quick tennis match (Maria Sharpova vs Christina McHale) that swung up and down as regards points in the second set. The software took the points and the pace of the game, and provided quick updates on odds. This was important, because the game did vary in pace in the second set, with Sharapova easily taking the first, but struggling a little in the second. This affected the live odds; and the software was able to give us not only the change in odds, but also instant updates on the returns we could expect.

We feel that the betting details area of the screen could have been a little better displayed. As it was, it was a small section at the top right of the screen. It wasn’t hard to find, but we would have liked more visibility on the screen to be honest.

The odds literally changed by the second in the match, and this was clearly displayed under the player names. One nice touch was the fact that the current score of the match was displayed clearly in the centre of the screen, so it was easy to keep your eye on the action as it unfolded.

Other sports were referenced and updated on the left hand side of the screen and the quick deposit button, though a little small (which matters in the middle of a game) was still quite easy to find. In other words, Mobenga had created a situation where all you needed was there on the screen in front of you.

An extremely quick and fluid piece of software, that can handle the fastest betting situation with ease.

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