Kambi is a well-respected player in the world of sport betting software. We used it on the 888 site, and we chose tennis as a sport due to the fact that we could have some quick answers on the betting and we liked the layout.

Kambi software is very professional and good-looking. It outlines both sides of the bet, tennis in this case, in bright colours so you are under no illusions as regards what you’re doing and how. Odds are displayed clearly, and the updates, crucial in tennis, can happen minute by minute during gameplay. As the odds change on a quick basis in tennis, we were delighted to see that any difference in data was quickly updated so that we were not left in the dark. What was especially pleasing to see was that our returns changed quickly too, and this was reflected smoothly in the software. We knew that we were looking at different returns within seconds. This affected our gameplay, and it’s much more user friendly.

List of bookies powered by Kambi.

Bookie Free Bet Rating Software Visit

£10.00 9/10 Sporting Index and Kambi Join here

£25.00 9/10 OpenBet, Kambi, and Mobenga Join here
Kambi Betslip
Kambi Betslip

All the bets are clearly displayed in a nice column, and again they are updated to the second. The software also allows you to quickly access your betting history if you have a number of bets on-going at the same time. This again is smooth and fluid.

Kambi Dashboard

Navigation is slick and clear, especially with the cashier button in the top right of the screen which is clearly outlined, sending you straight to the action.

We cannot say anything else about this software, other than that it has plenty of plus points. Bright and dynamic, and easily navigated, this is an excellent piece of gaming software that really helps the bettor, whether you are a casual gamer or a seasoned veteran.

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