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HighSixes software may be a relatively new player on the sports gaming scene, but it has made a big impact. We used BetVictor to try out the software and we were incredibly impressed. Slick and smooth, it adds a nice and relaxed feel to your gaming experience.

We placed a bet on a tennis match and we like the way the odds are displayed very clearly, it takes a couple of clicks to get through to the betting section. Literally within two clicks you can place your bet, with the whole thing being very smooth and slick. You get a clear and precise bet receipt that outlines the wager you’ve made, and other important details like the possible return on the bet.

HighSixes Betting Slip

Once you have made your bet, you can easily access your bet slip, which details all the bets you have made in a clear and crisp manner. One slight drawback to the whole thing is that the betting slip and deposit screens do seem a little empty at times. At times it almost seems a little clinical in its approach, but we can’t fault the clean overall look. All the information you need is there, and it is functional.

The important parts are highlighted in colourful buttons, for example if you want to make a deposit there’s a big green button you can press. This makes a big difference if you are playing in-play games, and time is of the essence.

For our test, the in-play section is particularly good looking. Lots of colour and exciting graphics make in-play very dynamic and thrilling. The software is precise enough to give you a minute-by-minute account of what is happening in the game, and this is a nice touch

All the information is handled very quickly and smoothly, and when you consider how much data is being sent to the server this is quite a feat. So we have great graphics in the right places, especially on in-play games. You also have a slick and smooth interface that takes hardly any time to get used to. You also have quick betting and deposits, which means that you are never going to miss an important bet.

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