Sport Nation Introduction

As yet another newcomer to the sports betting market, online bookmaker Sport Nation, launched in 2017, has gone all out to ensure punters have the best possible experience when betting online. Originally launched as Bet on Brazil before being rebranded as Sport Nation, the site is able to compete with the best brands in the business.

Backed by the legendary Alan Brazil, former Scotland international player and broadcaster, Sport Nation capitalizes on its inside knowledge of football to offer up some of the best odds in the business.

Site design and user interface

The Sport Nation site is comfortingly straight forward. Crafted in deep and light grey with white fonts, the vast amounts of information presented on the landing page are super easy to read and intuitive to navigate.

The platform has been designed to scale perfectly to mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, making placing your bet exceptionally easy no matter where you are or what type of device you’re using.

Daily and weekly promotional offers move across a slider on the top of the page offering everything from free bets and free spins in the Sport Nation casino, to money back if you’re second in horse racing at Ascot as well as free bet promotions and access to virtual sports.

With the bet slip on the upper right hand side bar, a reward points program and special Whatsapp offers, the overall look and feel of the interface is remarkably informative without being cluttered or confusing.

The app, which is available for download, is crisp, clear and direct offering up a simple top slider to select your sport with immediately recognizable icons and the day’s matches and odds on a scroll down menu below.

For the most part we found the app to be above standard when compared to other major industry players, perhaps in part due to Sport Nation’s new comer status on the market, allowing it to easily learn from the design mistakes made by their competitors as they attempted to shift to mobile devices.

Betting options

While Sport Nation lacks streaming features, we were impressed by their 2D match visualization that combined both stats and other live markets.

With a 50% off on your first deposit welcome bonus incentive and up to £100 in bonus cash to play with on a deposit of £200, we found Sport Nation to rather inviting all in all.

Their odds, in comparison to most of their more established brand name competitors, were actually quite impressive. This, together with their plentiful promotions and price boosts made for quite an attractive overall offer, particularly when it comes to mainstream match betting on events like the Premier League.


Sometimes there’s real perks to being new on the market. The ability to learn from older, more established competitor’s mistakes as well as innovate to meet changing market needs has definitely given Sport Nation a solid leg up.

Solid, stable and easy to use, when taken all together, we found the Sport Nation package offered substantial value for money to both new and returning punters.