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Ever been sat somewhere bored out of your mind daydreaming about getting home to play your favourite poker site?

Ever been on the road, knowing there’s a sporting event starting shortly and being unable to get to a bookies to place the bet that could net you a fortune?

Well fear not, for if you have a WAP/3G enabled mobile device you can now play poker or place bets straight from your phone! No matter where you are!

Below we have brought to you the best iphone betting apps, ipad betting apps, mobile betting apps, iphone poker apps, ipad poker apps and mobile poker apps around to ensure you get your poker or betting fix no matter where you may be.

1. Betfair iPhone App

Introducing the Official Betfair Client for the iPhone and iPad from the world’s biggest betting exchange.
Bringing the revolutionary Betting Exchange to the iPhone and iPad you can now view the thousands markets Betfair has on offer to its customers.

If you’re a Betfair customer you can also:
– Login using your Betfair account and place back and lay bets on any market in the main Betfair exchange.
– check the P&L on the markets where you have matched bets.
– check your active bets and cancel those bets that haven’t been matched yet
– check basic account details

Betfair is a licensed gambling operator in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Malta, Italy, Austria and Germany.

You must be 18 or older and have a valid Betfair account in order to use this application. This app uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS and blocks use outside the UK and Ireland.

If you don’t already have a Betfair account you will need to open one before using this app, join up by clicking here.



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