Coral review

The Coral company has had a large online presence in the UK now for well over a decade. With over 1700 retail stores and a wealth of experience you can be rest assured they are well equipped to run an online sports betting site correctly. They have some of the easiest to redeem bonuses that have some pretty ridiculous value for you as the customer. For a mere £5 deposit Coral will supply your account with a free £20 – no strings attached!

This makes Coral Sports an ideal choice for someone who is just looking to get into the world of online sports betting, or for those who are interested in playing for smaller stakes. A lot of the other promotions that Coral Sports offer are seasonal, so depending what big event is around the corner often dictates what the specials at that time will be.

Why Play at Coral Bookmaker

When it comes to pricing, Coral is a big enough company that they can afford to take a smaller edge that most other companies allowing them to offer you the customer the best pricing on bets around. Over time smaller edges turn into bigger edges, so never underestimate the value in a better price! As for the sites platform, it is very well laid out. All of the big events for the day are easily displayed to allow the customer quick and easy access too as well as an A-Z of all sports available.

The variety of sports Coral has to choose from is incredibly vast, all of the major sports are there, along with the major sports from the US. In addition to this less popular sports such as volleyball or hurling Coral also allows you to place bets on non sporting events such as on politics, TV, Music, and Royalty specials.

Coral Mobile Betting Site

The site also accommodates a mobile platform which has become increasingly popular in todays society. Convenience is key to the customer and nothing is more convenient that having the Coral app at a moments notice. Coral sports also boasts an excellent live stream feature. With over 5,000 games streamed completely free of charge for their customers, Coral makes sure you never miss a key game. Along with live stream Coral also has a live commentary feature, this is especially prevalent in the greyhounds and horse racing where there isn’t always a video feature. A live 24 hour online chat feature is available on site, along with a telephone, email, and postal support.

With experienced staff and a quick response time you can be rest assured that Coral sports will be able to resolve any problem you may encounter in no time at all. With promotions that are well suited to newer players, an excellent layout and mobile platform, huge variety in sports, live streaming feature and fantastic player support, it is no wonder that Coral has had huge success in the industry over the last decade.