ComeOn Introduction

Malta based and licensed ComeOn is one of the newer gambling sites on the market setting up shop in 2010. Following hot on the coattails of the big boys they quickly launched their own sportsbook registered in Curacao in the Caribbean to be better able to leverage both the European market, where they are overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority, an EU member state, and expand their offer to markets around the world.

Site design and user interface

The site prides itself on being easy, simple, clean, fast and honest (in their own words) and just downright fun. With an expanding global base of punters, they pride themselves on using plain English, with no fancy speak or unnecessary formalities, a fact that is manifestly evident in the sites design.

Marked up in black, a light soft green and pleasant shades of grey, ComeOn definitely delivers on their promise to take the complications and hassle out of using an online sportsbook. The top bar simply lists Sports, In-play, Casino, Live Casino and Promotions, cutting straight to chase with no clutter. Login is at the very top of the page, as well as the current bonus offer for the casino.

We particularly liked the fact that the promotions button effortlessly jumped out of the top bar. Immediately below that centre screen was a slider with current offers and promotions, including a new customer offer, a solid bet £10 get £10 free bet, a competitive industry standard for UK sportsbooks.

The most popular section on the left sidebar was clean and clear with immediately recognizable icons for the different leagues in full colour. Below that the usual list of available sports to bet on.

Most popular bets took the spotlight beneath the centre screen promotion offer and were brilliantly easy to read and understand. Here ComeOn has definitely lived up to its promise of cutting through the BS and keeping everything fantastically easy to use.

The right-side bar contains the bet slip at the top, a fairly universal feature, click on it and the bet slip drops down and bets can be placed in one click. There is a Hot Right Now section below with blurbs advertising and taking you to their cash out program, a blog full of tips and tricks and Super Odds features among other things.

Mobile app

We were also duly impressed by the mobile site, which worked flawlessly and headache free on both the tablet and an as tested on an Android smartphone. ComeOn’s emphasis on clean clear, simple design pays off big in the mobile app, which was intuitive and wonderfully free of confusing clutter, meaning that placing bets on the go or in the pub was easy peasy lemon squeezy even after a few pints in a room of distractions.

Betting options

Competitive with industry leaders, ComeOn offers solid value and occasional great deals. Their in-play and live betting take top marks, as does the range of options they offer.


Combined with their common man approach and range of easy to use features, at the end of the day we found ComeOn to be one of the most user-friendly sportsbooks we’ve come across, offering competitive odds, without the need to hunt for what you’re looking for.