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Okay, Paddy Power has an Irish connection. So as soon as you get to the site you are going to be confronted with the lot of the colour green. This is not a problem, but the initial impressions are that it is quite overpowering.

Moving on to that sport betting section, Which is obviously what we are concerned with, you’ll find that there is not just a lot of green, but also plenty of high-quality data and a fantastically fluid experience. In other words, get beyond the green and you have one of the best sports betting sites available online today.

Paddy Power has chosen to make live betting a big thing. So you will find it there in the centre of the screen as soon as you come to the sports betting area. This is no bad thing, because the live betting section of Paddy Power is so fluid and carefully handled, that you feel you are immersed in a quick, second by second update session of whatever sport you are betting on.

We bet on tennis during our visit, and although Serena Williams was involved, so the odds were not great for the other player, there was still plenty of excitement to be had in the quick and fluid updates.

On the right hand side of the screen towards the bottom there is a special Pimp That Bet section. This section is unique in that you are allowed to look at very popular bets that are currently being placed and jump in on the action. If anything, this is testament to the quick action you can get from the site, and shows how Paddy Power are really on top of quick betting, delivered expertly.

On the sports betting page there are quick links on the left hand side to all the other sports the site covers, as well as plenty of promotions that make your betting experience lots of fun. While there are some graphical touches that are quite dynamic on this page, nothing gets in the way of your betting. Overall, a bright and flashy site that still somehow seems to move quickly. Everything is handled expertly, and the professional overall feel makes you think you are in good hands. An excellent site, in our eyes.

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