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Victor Chandler Review

There is something special about Betvictor. Putting aside the flamboyant and incredibly charismatic founder of the site, Victor Chandler, there is also a sense that the site has been professionally created and almost looks artistic in certain areas. Each graphic area is smooth and fluid, and there’s plenty for the eye to feast on when it comes to colours and layout. It’s a fun site to play on, and that’s not something you say about every sports betting site these days. The site also does an excellent job of presenting a wide variety of detailed information and statistics effortlessly.

BetVictor Dashboard

For example, in the screen above you can see how the three main sports are easily accessible in the centre of the home page for sports, and you can also see how the red and green indicators change quickly to show an increase or decrease in the odds. This literally happened second by second and the engine behind the site is so smooth and fluid it looks seamless.

The real evidence comes in the In-Play section. Some sites do in lay pretty clumsily, but this runs with smooth precision. It’s colourful and bright, and very easy on the eye.

In play is the most exciting part of online sports betting, and your bets here are clearly highlighted in the top right of the screen. All the in play matches are clearly displayed on the left hand side of the screen and are updated by the second. This again leads to a very quick and dynamic experience overall.

BetVictor in-play betting

From the screenshot above, you can see how the in play screen is well presented and full of information. With the quicker games like tennis and basketball, you hardly notice the scores changing. They’re quick and accurate.

Overall, an extremely smooth and attractive site that presents information quickly. Pretty much what you expect from a high level betting provider like Betvictor.

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