Betfair Review

Betfair sports is an excellent platform when it comes to sports betting. With over 25 sports to choose from and a diverse selection which extends from the staples such as football and horse racing to a few niche selections such as the gaelic games or winter sports, there will always be something there that will appeal to your needs. One of the key and most impressive features that Betfair offers is its live bet in play feature.

The ability to place bets as the game progresses offers huge advantages that simply can’t be replaced. Missing the start of a game is no longer a problem with Betfair’s live bet feature, simply log in and take your pick of the games still active. And with constantly changing odds throughout a game, those tips and hunches you get for a goal coming can really pay off for you! One of Betfair’s strongest areas is their running promotions. Betfair constantly has promotions running for the latest sporting which gives added value to loyal customers. Betfair also offers a £30 deposit bonus for new customers who make a deposit which everyone who is thinking about starting an account should take advantage of.

How it looks and works

The layout of Betfair makes navigating the site incredibly easy. The different areas of the site are very clearly labelled and placing bets including even accumulators have been made incredibly easy. This is one of the most important features of any online sports betting site and its value should not be underestimated. Betfair has some unique aspects to the site that can make it very alluring to potential customers. With Betfair’s feature “price rush” you can make extra money for no added cost, Betfair will simply increase the value of certain bet’s after they have been placed if they meet their standards, what could be better than that? For those people whose game is the greyhounds or horse racing, then Betfair will really appeal to you. When the day is over at the racecourse it continues on Betfair.

With their virtual racing section you can watch and bet on races 24 hours of the day, which is especially ideal on the weekdays when there is less live racing. In the competitive market of online sports betting Betfair is succeeding with good reason. They have built a site that is very accommodating to their customers, offering lots of promotions on current events, an excellent sign up bonus, an easy to navigate site layout, additional value with their “price rush”, and 24hr horse racing.