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As you would expect from a website that has been derived from the Sky group of companies Skybet has plenty to offer when it comes to visuals and professionalism. This is one of the best online betting sites we have ever seen, And on top of that this site works hard to deliver a professional betting experience. The betting here is quick and professional, and you are always guaranteed quick access to the data you need to make your betting choices. On top of that there is a massive range of choices as regards betting.

This site really fancies its live section, so in-play betting is given priority on the front sports page. At the same time, it doesn’t dominate, so you get a good choice of where you can go.

Skybet in-play betting

We tried the in-play betting and we found it to be incredibly fast. Even when an odds change came out of the blue there was only a delay of a second or two. Instead of fussy and drawn-out, like you might find on other sites, this is all fluid and easy to use.

Down the left hand side are a series of quick links to other sports, as can be expected with a good sport betting site. There are also numerous links to promotions and other games that can be played on the site. It’s nice to see such a fluid experience happening all on one page.

Skybet Tools

At the bottom of the screen you will find a number of helpful tools, like odds calculators, that really help to make your betting periods more comprehensive. So there’s lots of stuff to do and plenty to watch too. The reason why this site is so attractive to both the casual and the seasoned pro is that it moves so fluidly. Nothing seems to faze it. The site easily handles all the data, especially in football matches. In other words, it is a site that is perfect if you’re serious about betting and don’t want to miss a trick. Polished, and professional.

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