Bet365 Review

Overall, probably the best online bookmaker around today.

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Outstanding In-Play Markets
  • No Hassle Deposit/Withdraw
  • Great Bonus Offers
  • Quality Customer Support

Bet365 are one of the world’s leading online gambling groups with over 2.8 million customers in 140 different countries. The Group employs over 900 people and is the UK’s 16th largest private company.

Bet365 is undoubtedly one of the best bookmakers online today. Starting off as a high street chain it has quickly become one of the major players in online betting with their extensive range of betting markets and features for the punters’ pleasure. In previous years, bet365 has won numerous awards such as Gambling Online Magazine’s Bookmaker of the Year 2008 and Best Sportsbook Customer Service 2007. With an array of fantastic deposit bonuses and unrivaled prices, it is a must-have for the serious punter.

Once you get involved it is easy to see why that bet365 is quickly becoming a household name. The site is laid out very smoothly and clearly, and you feel, once you’re involved, that you’re totally in control of all your betting. It’s overall a very professional experience and one that makes it easy to place wagers. Great looking and fun to use, with some excellent software behind it, Bet365 is justifiably a popular and established bookmaking site.

One of the key features of this site is the In-Play section. The reason why this section is so popular is that it is so easily accessed and expertly handled. As soon as you come to In-Play you will see immediately how well laid out the entire section is, and how clearly the information is presented. It’s a real asset to the site and it adds value to the whole experience of sport betting on the site.

On the left hand side of the site is a list of all the sports that are available to play. There are plenty of sports available here, and it is possibly one of the widest ranges of sports online. This is quite a comprehensive list too, so you are sure to find something that you can enjoy playing.

We tried tennis, and we love the fact that the tennis data was displayed so quickly, because it’s quite a fast-moving game. It runs smoothly and you get all the information you need. No chance of any accidental bets here.

For the more popular sports you get a lot of help too. Also some results are outlined on the right side of the screen and are easy to access, minute by minute. This is just one example of how this site really tries to accommodate everybody.

This is a comprehensive site, one that really respects the bettor. There’s plenty to do, and the layout is clean and crisp. Bet365 has won lots of awards, and we think it’s mainly because it is easy to use and is very quick.

Extensive In-Play MarketsSometimes slow moving from page to page
Fantastic Bonus Offers
Live Streaming
One Wallet for Sports, Poker, Casino etc
UK: 0800 7810 365
Intl: +44 1782 408123
USA & Canada: 1-866-3333-BET
Email Support:
[email protected]
Hillside, Festival Way, Stoke-On-Trent
ST1 5SH, United Kingdom

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