Trixie Bet Explained

Our Guide to the Trixie Bet Explained

The Trixie bet has become a very popular bet, especially in horse racing circles. This is a full cover bet, which means that punters are offered full coverage on all combinations of multiples when making three different selections. A Trixie consists of 4 bets involving the 3 selections in different events, which includes 3 double bets and 1 treble bet. Only 2 of the selections need to be successful to achieve a return.

The Trixie is from the family of full cover bets, which do not include single bets. This is something to consider when deciding on your stake and potential returns. With a Trixie bet, you are essentially increasing the number of bets you have, as opposed to just betting on three straight singles.

A Trixie bet is made up of 4 separate bets, which include:

  • 3 double bets
  • 1 treble bet

Just two winning selections will guarantee a return. The more selections you get correct, the higher the final payout and winnings will be.

If you were to choose a Trixie bet that featured three horses, such as Frankel, Red Rum and Desert Orchid, just two of these horses need to win their respective race to guarantee a payout. For example, if Frankel and Red Rum both won, this would return a double bet. If all three horses win, then you would receive four payouts, which will consist of three double bets and one treble bet.

Placing a Trixie bet is simple and one of the most popular ways to bet on three selections. Make your three choices and choose ‘Trixie’ as the type of bet you wish to place it as.

You must then decide what your ‘unit stake’ will be. The ‘unit stake’ is the amount that you wish to place on each of the 4 separate bets. If for example you choose £1 as your ‘unit stake’ on a Trixie bet, it will cost you £4 (£1 x 4 bets = £4). A Trixie bet can also be placed ‘each-way’ to enhance your chances of winning, but this will also increase the amount of money you will need to wager.

It is important to weigh up the potential profit margins compared to your total stake when looking at any multiple bet. The popularity with this type of multiple bet is the potential high return, but so is the degree of betting insurance that you get with them.

If you placed a £1 Trixie with all selections priced at 3/1, then seeing just two of your three selections winning would still return a £12 profit, so there is a nice buffer zone for the bet. The insurance would get better if, for example, you take two 3/1 bets and one 7/1 bet. If one of the 3/1 bets loses, but the 7/1 bet stills wins, you would receive nearly £30 for two winning selections out of three from just the £4 stake.

Many punters will put in a banker at lower odds, which is a bet that can be more relied on to win, as the cornerstone of your Trixie. They will then look for the other selections at longer odds to really increase the potential profits.

There are a number of online betting calculators that will help you to work out any potential return from your Trixie bet. Simply enter the odds of your three selections and allow the online calculator to work out what your returns should be.

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