Lucky 31 Bet Explained

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The Lucky 31 bet is a natural progression from the Lucky 15 bet and consists of choosing five different selections in separate events. The extra selection on top of the usual four bets that make up a Lucky 15 will mean that the number of possibilities increases and so the odds are better too.


A Lucky 31 bet is made up of 31 separate bets, which include:

• 5 single bets
• 10 double bets
• 10 treble bets
• 5 fourfold bets
• 1 accumulator


Just select one winning bet and you are guaranteed a return. For example, if you were to choose a Lucky 31 bet that featured Man Utd, Everton, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea all to win, if just one or more of the teams is successful you will get a payout. If two of the selected teams win, you will receive three payouts, which will consist of two singles and one double; and three winning selections will result in 3 single bets, 3 double bets and one treble bet and so on.

If all five selections were to win, you will receive thirty-one payouts made up of the 5 single bets, 10 double bets, 10 treble bets, 5 fourfold bets and the 1 accumulator.

Many bookmakers will offer a good bonus feature too, which can be as much as 20 per cent for 5 winning selections. The exception to this is if you choose to go ‘each way’ on any of your single bets, as bonuses are rarely paid under these circumstances. It is worth researching which bookmakers offer the best bonuses to maximize your potential returns.

Placing a Lucky 31 bet is simple, whether you do it online or in a shop, the principals are the same and the process is fairly identical.

First, choose the 5 events you want to bet on and make your selections for who you think will win. If betting online, open the ‘Multiple Bet Options’ on your bet slip and select the ‘Lucky 31’ option. If placing the bet in a shop, you can simply write on the slip ‘Lucky 31’.

Please note, placing a lucky 31 bet is not the cheapest wager that can be made as you will be covering 31 bets in total. So, for example if you choose to stake £1 per single bet, you will be placing a £31 bet altogether and as it is an expensive bet to place, a series of losers can result in suffering big losses. However, you also have the chance of getting more selections correct and therefore, a larger payout.

The idea for this bet and why it is seen as being good value, is that the singles bet elements can help you to break even or make a small profit while you wait for other results to come in, increasing the combinations and swelling the profits you can expect to make.

There are online betting calculators that can help you to work out your potential returns for your Lucky 31 bet. Simply enter the odds of your five selections and allow the online calculator to work out what your returns could be.

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